At KeptMe, we realise that all wardrobes need a little freshening up from time to time. That’s why we’ve decided to give KeptMe a makeover just in time for the new year!

While we’ve made some significant changes to the look and feel of KeptMe, we hope we’ll leave you wondering, how did you ever do without them!
Let’s take a look at some of the exciting new changes you’ll find in the all new KeptMe!

Moments Screen
When you first log into KeptMe you you will now see the all new Moments screen instead of the traditional Present screen. The Moments screen will display all the images captured in a child’s profile with the latest images at the top, while the Stories tab at the top of the screen will display all of the stories you would typically see in the old “Present” screen. It’s all about making every child’s learning journey more visible to educators and parents!

Writing an Article
Writing your learning stories has never been easier. We now call them articles and you can easily create new articles from inside the Stories tab or by clicking directly on the image from the Moments tab and selecting the “Write” option.

Richer Observations with Predefined Text
Ever wanted to use some standard text from your curriculum or framework inside your learning story?
We’ve made this easier than ever. You can now insert any text from your selected framework anywhere in your articles, regardless of what learning outcomes you select. You can find it at the top of the screen when you select to edit your observations under the “Add predefined text” option.

Learning Stories without Images are here!
We understand that not all learning stories are associated with an image so the new KeptMe now allows educators to write learning stories without one! Simply select a book from the Stories tab, start a new article and select the option to start without an image.

Faster Access to Learning Stories
Finding a previously recorded learning story was a little difficult previously so we’ve introduced a new thumbnail view of all articles in a story. You can see the thumbnails at the bottom of the screen when you view a book in the stories tab. Click on a thumbnail to jump to that particular article instantly.

Sharing Simplified
Filtering and publishing were a little clunky before so we’ve made some exciting new changes.
Firstly, the publish option is now named “Share”. And instead of filter and share having two different sets of filter criteria, they’ve now been combined into one. Simply set your filter criteria once and it will apply to both what you see and what you send via the Share option. What you see is what you get!

Share More than Ever
The recently introduced “Share Now” feature made it easier to share newly captured items with parents. The new version of KeptMe now supports sharing all new *and* previously captured moments directly from the Moments screen. Simply select an image and click on the aeroplane icon to share the selected image.

Article Sorting
KeptMe now allows sorting of articles in a story by ascending or descending order. The sort option is available in the thumbnail bar when you view a story from the stories tab.

Show your Appreciation
Like an image? Use the heart icon to show your appreciation!
Educators and parents can now tap the heart icon to “like” any shared images. The heart will display how many likes an image has received.

Settings ←→ Profile Selection
The KeptMe research institute spent some time studying the human brain and as it turns out, humans a lot more efficient when the Profile Selection menu is on the left and the Settings menu is on the right. So we’ve switched these menus to opposite sides!

We hope that you’re as excited about these changes as we are!
Get started by downloading the new version of KeptMe today!

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