Our Story


The KeptMe story

Husband and wife Leonard and Christina have known each other since Grade One. They attended the same primary school in Hong Kong before Leonard went to high school and university in Sydney and Christina in Toronto, Canada.

Despite the distance their bond remained. They kept in touch through letters, phone calls and as technology evolved email and texts. “We didn’t have the technology available to stay instantly connected like today,” Christina says. “But contact from Leonard would make my day.” The couple got married and now have two young boys.

Through Christina’s work she met Steve. Both worked to keep one of Australia’s foremost employment websites secure before moving to two of Australia’s big four working in online security. As a parent of two young boys himself Steve was joined by Leonard and Christina’s motivation to create a safe online platform to document his children’s childhood and educational journey.

“Like many parents we were concerned at the lack of security around posting to popular social media platforms,” Steve says. “KeptMe was borne out of a desire to use our expertise to develop a platform where security is paramount and parents could feel at ease.” Steve’s wife Bianca now also works with KeptMe bringing her expertise in customer service to the company.

Get rid of the shoebox

“When my kids were at kindy I kept receiving shoeboxes of writings and drawings so I once asked the teacher to give me a digital copy and more frequently,” Leonard tells the story.

“The teacher said: ‘Well, it is a nice idea but I don’t know how so if you do please suggest something to me‘.

“I searched for a solution in the market and couldn’t find anything close so I said to her we’ll build you something and that’s how KeptMe started.

“Originally it was just for my child’s class but then we were recommended to others and now we have more than 5,500 schools, kindergartens and learning centres worldwide using KeptMe.”

About our founders

Leonard believes in the value of community. He is a visionary entrepreneur with degrees in engineering, commerce and business. He has lectured at universities and has a reputation for inspiring others.

“KeptMe uses the best of today’s technology to embrace values of yesteryear building strong, supportive communities for children, families and educators,” Leonard says. “It takes a village to raise a child and KeptMe is helping to create a virtual village of precious people in a child’s life. “Educators can easily communicate with parents, while loved ones geographically separated can have a greater involvement in a child’s life, which is truly inspirational.”

Christina is foremost a wife and mother, who ranks her family as her greatest achievement. She has invaluable experience in online security working with leading institutions to ensure the safety of their sites for customers. She has also taught at university level, understanding time constraints and pressures on educators. “My work at KeptMe combines my love of family, education and expertise in online security,” Christina says.

Steve is driven by his family and developing a better world for his children. Steve has a background working in online security and is passionate about using technology to enhance the lives of educators and families.

“There’s a misconception about technology in education with it seen as being invasive and taking away from traditional learning tools like pen and paper,” Steve says. “But to the contrary technology is more an enabler and used in the right way is about connecting people, building relationships and going back to basics.”

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