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Educators – Start your KeptMe journey today!

For all educators in the Primary and the Early Childhood Education Sector: Imagine being able to spend less time on compliance work and more where it matters most with your students. Imagine reports, images and commentary easily stored year after year so you feel connected with your students before you may have even met. Imagine a forum to easily communicate with parents where you can reflect on a child’s journey and make important decisions about their future. Imagine you have FREE access to ePortfolio, daily reflections, programming and children’s observations. KeptMe has brought this all to life as a secure, free, valuable tool.

All this and more, for FREE:

  • Observe children’s learning
  • Programming and Reflections of your day
  • On going learning stories
  • Personal reflections
  • NQF Principles and Practices
  • NQS tags
  • EYLF outcomes
  • Children’s Profiles
  • Build slideshows without effort
  • Collaboration with families & Professional specialists
  • Secure & Private
  • Dedicated Mobile optimised platform with push notifications

Parents – Get your invite from an Educator!

Is your child’s early learning centre using KeptMe? To view your child’s updates on KeptMe, there’s no need to register using this form – simply ask your child’s educators to invite you to join as a parent!  Stay up to date with your child’s learning & development. It’s quick, easy and free!

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