Available Curriculums and Frameworks

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KeptMe offers a range of templates that can be added to your environment. KeptMe also offers a customisation service for centres who may need specific modifications to include their centres curriculum. Simply send your request to education@keptme.com.

Currently you are able to request the following albums:

Global Frameworks Frameworks in Australia Other Curriculum Frameworks EtonHouse Curriculum Frameworks
EYFS_Profile_320 EYFS Profile (UK) Observations_EYLF_320 Observations (EYLF) Mon Montessori Eton_House_IBLogo_320 EtonHouse IB
00000000000_20160127_113859_463399 Aistear Framework (Ireland) Observations (EYLF & SA Indicators) Daily_Routine_320 Daily Routine Eton_House_Portfolio_320 EtonHouse Portfolio
common core_2 Common Core Framework (USA) QKLG_320 Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline Event_Highllghts_320 Event Highlights Eton_House_Term_End_Report_320 EtonHouse Term End Report
保育指針 保育指針 (JP) Mon Montessori & QKLF & EYLF School_Work_320 School Work Eton_House_Newsletter_320 EH Newsletter
Te_Whariki Te Whariki (NZ) Mon Montessori & EYLF Reflective_practice Reflective practice  
NEL icon3 Nurturing Early Learners Framework (SG) Mon Montessori & QKLF Tennis_320 Tennis  
  My_Time_Our_Place Observations (MTOP)    
  AusVELS_Foundation_320  AusVELS Foundation – Level 6    
  Reflective-Journal  Reflective Journal    


Montessori and EYLF

Montessori and EYLF - Class Summary

Montessori and EYLF – Class Summary

Daily Routine

Daily Routine - Class Summary

Daily Routine – Class Summary

Observations (EYLF)

Observation (EYLF) - Program Planning

Observation (EYLF) – Program Planning

Observations (EYFS)

Observations (EYFS) - Class Summary

Observations (EYFS) – Class Summary

School Work

Event Highlights

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